About Us

From the time of its founding, CLE has enjoyed an excellent relationship with our staff members. Throughout the years, the CLE staff has remained loyal to the senior living company and their residents, as shown by low staff turnover.

Residents receive services directly from Resident Managers, Cooks and Caregivers. These dedicated staff members go out of their way to assist with the care, safety, comfort and security of their residents.

CLE staff members' skills are continuously updated through CCLS University state approved training and education for service providers.

The Facility Director is responsible for the administrative operations and responsibilities, including implementing company policy, monitoring funding and most importantly, supervising employees and overseeing budgets at each home in order to strive to provide the best possible support for every person cared for within CLE.

A board of directors governs CLE. The CEO of CLE/CCLS is the company's representative to the board. Members of the board include clients, family members, guardians, human service professionals and business professionals. In addition to direct managerial staff and administrative staff, various committees and support departments exist. These resource areas aid in supporting and enhancing the quality of CLE's services.

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